Mansions/Villas in Istanbul

Although the southern cost of Turkey is considered favorite among locals for its Mansions and Villas but due the high price of Mansions and Villas there has been a shift in buyers way of thinking in the past few years and now more people opt to buy Mansions in Istanbul. Here are some more reasons behind the recent trend

Mansions Near Bosporus canal

Why to buy mansion in Istanbul?

  • The expertise value of Mansions in Antalya is low but in Istanbul its same so infect the buyers are more secure when they buy Mansions in Istanbul and buyers who are opting for citizenship by investment program simply just ignore the southern cost due to this reason
  • The developer have poured more money in Istanbul for few years now and thus there are more options available in Istanbul than Antalya, Alanya or Bodrum etc.
  • Istanbul is become favorite due to its moderate weather through out the year. on the other hand southern cost this is not the case as weather is extremely hot in summer.
  • Establishing Business in Istanbul is easier than its in any other city thus people prefer to have their Villa or Mansions nearby.

Price of Mansions/Villa in Istanbul

Talking about price, Near to Bosporus, the mansions are old and costly however however near the sea side in Belikduzu, Buyukcekmece and Guzelyurt, there are a number of different options, both under construction and ready to move to buy. The price of Mansion or Villa starts from roughly 300K$ in Istanbul but small villas with lesser facilities and areas are available in as low as 150K$ too.

The only concern the investors should have in mind while buying an Mansion/villa or home in Turkey is that if they are thinking about rental gains, its pretty know fact that Apartments gave good rental income so first of all they will have to find a big family which can stay in these villas which is pretty difficult in Istanbul secondly the tenets are not going to pay a lot of rent.

Thus at the end we would say, If someone is going after a summer house in Turkey or he wants to move with his family to Turkey, willing to live in retired life here, that these villas are suitable for him otherwise, you need to look for apartments.
We have Mansions from everywhere in istanbul, Explore and if you have any question you can contact us.

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